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fabric side view mirror cover, bird poop, bird droppings

For Spring & Summer     

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Year-round protection for your car side view mirrors!!!

► Keeps your mirrors clean from the winter season's snow, ice, frost and freezing rain   

► Protects from scrapes, scratches, scuffs, mud, dirt, road debris     

► Hassle free – slips on and off in seconds with no fussy cords, annoying drawstrings that get frozen or magnets that won't stick

Easy to install  - elastic collar stays snug around mirrors and ensures a secure fit that won't fail under all harsh weather and wind

► Anti-theft strap makes sure your MMMs stay put when you KNOT THE END AND CLOSE INSIDE YOUR CAR DOOR

► Made of lightweight, durable, water-repellent nylon material

► No mess – no snow, ice or water on the inside of your car or truck from a large car cover

► Easy storage – just slide off and conveniently toss in the glove compartment or under your seat

MMMs Make Great Bags too!!!

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fabric side view mirror cover bag

For Fall & Winter

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side view mirror winter, snow, ice, frost, freezing rain


"They are perfect! Very easy to use and they work perfectly for the silly birds in my area. Thank you so very much."


I used the MirrorMateMitts, the other day and wow are they handy! I won't have to replace the glass, again! 


Protect your side view mirrors and paint!

Keep the winter's snow, ice and frost off of your car side mirrors! No need to risk cracking or scratching your mirrors while removing ice, snow and frost.

No more bird poop / bird droppings that can damage paint, bird scratches, bird attacks, bird pecking, dirt and mud. Keep snow, ice, frost, freezing rain and birds off your car side mirrors!