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You've got a fleet of hundreds of cars parked in the lot but can't identify which vehicles need fuel, maintenance, cleaning, washing, etc. Slip on a color-coded MMM side view mirror cover and instantly spot those vehicles - even at night.

Don't have your salespeople stranded on the side of the road with a towel or a t-shirt hanging out the window. Keep a brightly-colored MMM in the glove box that they can easily slip on and wait for help to arrive.

mmm-side view mirro cover-call 911-senh help-combo


The last scenario you want is the customer you've directed to a car returning to complain that it's dirty inside, low on gas, or has bird poop caked on the door/mirror.

Avoid the hassle (and embarrassment) by slipping on a color-coded MMM side view mirror cover when the vehicle ARRIVES at the lot. Your crew will instantly spot which vehicles need what services.

mmm-side view mirror cover-red circle-birds-clean-combo 


Available in multiple colors, add your printed custom logo in any color. Great for weather protection and safety too!

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