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MMMs make great swag bags that can be imprinted with your custom logo for your business or school.

Any side view mirror cover can be used as a bag; simply loop the end and you've got a great bag for your:

► Cellphone, tablet, USB cable, charger, battery, camera  
► Toiletries, cosmetics, makeup
 Keys, wallet, business cards, change pouch, jewelry, watch
Undergarments, socks, shorts, t shirt
► Book, magazine, newspaper  
► Snacks, lunch, drinks, treats 
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See MMMs in action!

side mirror covers, snow, ice, frost, freezing rain  
fabric side view mirror covers

 Year-round protection for your car side view mirrors!

Keep snow, ice, frost, freezing rain and birds off your car side mirrors!

Slips on and off in seconds and stays in place with no annoying cords, drawstrings or magnets.

Elastic collar fits snugly around your side mirrors - won't blow away in the harshest of wind and winter weather. 

Anti-theft strap keeps your MMMs side mirror covers secure.

No more bird poop / bird droppings that can damage car paint, bird scratches, bird attacks, bird pecking, dirt and mud. 

    side view mirror, snow side view mirror, bird poop, bird droppings

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