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Time to Winterize Your Car

Have you winterized your car for the coming cold season? If not, here's what to do: 

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Checking the oil, antifreeze, tires and battery with an unbiased eye is a good way to begin to winterize your car. Here are the steps to begin the process of preparing your car for the cold, snow and ice.
Winter's coming, so use these 12 tips to get your car ready for the cold-weather driving season.
Winter weather can be cold and nasty with snow, ice and slush. But if you follow this advice to prepare and winterize your car or truck, you - and your vehicle - will be in good shape for the frosty months.
Here's an interesting statistic: of the 22 cars 'at fault' in Denver's 104-car accident during the winter of 2014, 19 of those cars had bald tires! 
Don't become a statistic - winterize your car. Check out this video and follow the steps to make sure your car or truck is prepared for the winter season's harsh, snowy weather!